Which wine, which wine…

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As part of the Virgin Wine Club, we periodically receive a knock on the door and welcome a large, heavy box into the house.  It’s always fun to receive something in the mail, but its especially fun when it’s a collection of wines and you get to discover the names, regions and recommended pairings for each.  

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As we put the wine away in our oak wine cabinet or wine refrigerator, we make custom wood tags for each bottle…

The time we spend up-front getting the wine organized and labeled this way takes the pressure off when it comes to selecting the perfect wine for waiting guests or any time we just want to try something that pairs well with whatever meal we’re making —or vice-versa too—sometimes we start with the wine to get inspiration for dinner.  

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On one side of the tag we write the vineyard, variety, vintage and number of bottles (e.g. 1 of 2…2 of 2…)

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On the other side we write a brief taste description e.g. “plum, chocolate and coffee” – and recommended pairings; ” crusty bread, olives, mushroom ragu”

If you’re a wine newbie or just for the fun of it, you can use this wine chart to determine which category wine bests fit your mood or situation. (An adapted version of one we received via our wine club.)

Try it out by starting at “What time is it?” answering the questions, and following the lines to the recommended category of wine. 

Which wine chart -  adapted from Virgin Wine Club, created by Alex for l&l - linenlavenderlife.com



41fkkmXagJL._SL110_You may want to stock up on these charming {WOOD TAGS}.
We use them for labeling many things around the house (bottles, canisters, baskets) as well as for gift tags – such as for goodie bags,  party favor bags, – as holiday gift tags,  and the list goes on.  (Kids love creating their own.)   You can leave the wood natural or paint it however you like.  Add your own ribbon or natural twine.       
We found similar options in these countries: (uk)  (ca)  (es)

TIP :  After using them in their natural state, spray over with {CHALKBOARD PAINT} and use again (and again).   {CHALK PEN}

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