about a chair

Have you ever noticed that a solitary chair seems to have a personality all its own?

This one is regally posing for his portrait.  He doesn’t need props to feel comfortable.  No side table with flowers to feel complete,  not a single pillow.    He is stoic and confident all by himself.  

It doesn’t bother him a bit that he’s becoming a tad threadbare on top or that his seat is a little saggy.  Unlike most of us, he wears his age proudly -a badge of honor.  To be called “antique” is the ultimate boon.

He is charming and knows how to work a room, lending his star quality to the design whilst ever-willing to play the supporting role when duty calls:

All the prodigious posteriors at all those seven-course dinner parties!

All the children who have launched off  to infinity and beyond!

All those times he graciously subbed in as the lazy-man’s ladder…

…These are the trials and tribulations of chairhood he endures with nary a complaint to be heard.  (Save for the slightest strain of a spring now and then.)

Chair, you are a good friend.  Stalwart and true.
Would that I might learn humanity from you.   🙂

photograph via ELLEDECO (France), photographer Nicolas Tosi, 

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  1. I love single chairs, used to be a big chair collector for many years!

    And you're absolutely right, a single chair is like a sculpture and has his own personality.

    Wonderful post and words….!

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  2. To All: Thank you for the comments and compliments and for taking a moment to say "hello."
    It's good to be back at the writing desk again.
    All my best wishes go out to each one of you! xo~LeAnn

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