about a chair

Have you ever noticed that a solitary chair
seems to have a personality all its own?


This one is regally posing for his portrait.
He doesn't need props to feel comfortable.
No side table with flowers to feel complete,
not a single pillow.
He is stoic and confident all by himself.

It doesn't bother him a bit that he's becoming a tad threadbare on top
or that his seat is a little saggy.
Unlike most of us, he wears his age proudly,
—a badge of honor.
To be called "antique" is the ultimate boon.


photograph via ELLEDECO (France), photographer Nicolas Tosi, as seen in About a Chair by L for linenlavendelife.com

He is charming and knows how to work a room, lending his star quality to the design whilst ever-willing to play the supporting role when duty calls:

All the prodigious posteriors at all those seven-course dinner parties!
All the children who have launched off, "to infinity and beyond!"
All those times he graciously subbed in as the lazy-man's ladder—

These are the trials and tribulations of chairhood he endures with nary a complaint to be heard. (Save for the slightest strain of a spring now and then.)

Chair, you are a good friend. Stalwart and true.
Would that I might learn humanity from you. 001LeAnns Single L Signature with heart as seen on linen and lavender copy copy

photograph via ELLEDECO (France), photographer Nicolas Tosi,

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