Alfresco! Alfresco!

 image via Côté Sud
Isn’t outdoor living the best? Reading, napping, dining…everything seems better outside.   I’m excited that the nights are getting warm enough for a little outdoor yoga. 

The renovation is still going on around here (don’t ask), but I made it a point to clear out and reclaim what I call our “stone seating area” which is a relatively large semi-enclosed area.  There are built-in sofas for lounging, but there’s also plenty of floor space for yoga.  

In the pre-renovation era, my daughter and I were known to head outside for midnight yoga sessions there, positioned where we could see the stars.  We  would light the fireplace and with the fountain gurgling and the moonlight shining,  we’d  follow Shiva Rea* for an hour or so, followed by a relaxing savasana to end.  

My recommendation for the most peaceful, rejuvenating sleep of your life?    
Late night yoga—alfresco! 
Italian  al fresco, in the fresh (air) “in the fresh air.”  

linen & lavender

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  1. well that sounds blissful! we've had beautiful weather in england and started to do some yoga with the children out on the deck, in the sunshine. it turned into 'hot yoga' as a result.

    i'm still pining for some outdoor furniture to really enjoy dining in the garden. someday x

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