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Alturus by Wade Hoefer, edited by lb for


Wade Hoefer, edited by lb for

“For Hoefer each work is a mandala, a meditative device that allows the viewer to enter, through the work, into a deeper world. His choice of subject matter stems from our common understanding of the landscape: it becomes a visual vocabulary, a lexicon that can be endlessly repeated. For like the Sung painters of ancient China, the landscape becomes a vehicle for an inner voyage that can take the viewer into a spiritual world.” excerpt from Wade Hoefer website.

Eden East West by Wade Hoefer, edited by lb for
 Eden East West

Allicio II by Wade Hoefer, as seen on
Allicio II
Westering Virgil by Wade Hoefer, as seen on
 Westering Virgil

I have long admired Wade Hoefer’s work.  -I am drawn in by the coloration of his paintings  —particularly those with dark moody tones and the play of light on water such as I’ve selected here.  Be sure to click on the link above to see other beautiful pieces or to contact a gallery in your area.  

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  1. I love his work, check out his most recent works at I.Wolk in St. Helena and at the upcoming art fair in san francisco.

    Henriette Steinrück, Frankfurt , Germany

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