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Hand-hammered copper  cache pots by Brocchi Workshop, Siena Italy as seen on
Hand-hammered cache pots, (80 euro*)

Brocchi Workshop in Siena Italy as seen on
Brocchi workshop, Siena

Laura and Alessandro Brocchi are the great grandchildren of coppersmith, Giuseppe Brocchi and hail from a long line of master forgers.  Though they continue to specialize in the tradition of copper-forging passed down through their family for the last 200 years, they now also work with all metals ranging from iron to silver to brass; making everything from cache pots to kitchen tools to lamps and including artistic, award-winning commissions for Il Palio.

The Brocchis’ shop and workshop are a short walk from the main square in Siena, Piazza del Campo and located within the premises of San Martino, a church known from the 12th century, renovated and enlarged in the 16th century. 

San Martino

 How inspiring it must be to work in a space where
masters before you have been creating for generations…Can you just imagine?! 
linen & lavender

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Find the Brocchis’ bottega at 41/43, Via del Porrione, Siena, Italy. 
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