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The city was cloaked in silence. As we glided down the Grand Canal, I looked up at the darkened palaces.  

The ancient facades glowed in the moonlight. Once in a great while, a piano nobile would show signs of life, glowing like a beacon in a sleeping city

Windows thrown open to take in the late summer air allowed muffled conversation or music to waft over the water.  

These lit rooms granted us a glimpse of ceilings that groaned under the weight of sculpted plaster figures supporting vast, celestial paintings.  

I felt like the outsider’s outsider with my mouth
 agape and a suitcase at my feet.  

I looked up at these rooms illuminated by enormous chandeliers made centuries earlier in this very city. 

They didn’t sparkle like the crystal chandeliers of Paris—the Venetian chandeliers glimmered. 

They glimmered with a dim luster like the inky water that held us aloft as we floated into the heart of my dream city.  

~Matthew White 

from the book DREAM OF VENICE 

United States release date Dec. 5, 2014:  $26. }

Intimate thoughts, memories, poems and stories of notable contributors from the world of art, literature, design, cuisine, music, and film making…

.Click Book Cover to order Dream of Venice via Amazon U.S. - $20.01  Release date December 5, 2014.

…Woody Allen, Linus Roache, Julie Christie, Claire Bloom, James Conlon, Roger Crowley, Patrizia Gucci, Peggy Guggenheim, Dianne Hales, Marcella Hazan, Saxon Henry, David Hewson, Patricia Highsmith, Erica Jong, Paul Mazursky, Nicolas Roeq, Sylvia Sass, Giampaolo Seguso, Jessica Spiegel, Alberto Toso Fei, Susan Van Allen, Adam Van Doren, Matthew White and Hutton Wilkinson.  

Photography by Charles Christopher
Edited by JoAnn Locktov
Foreword by Frances Mayes

I was given the opportunity to preview this creative collaboration by JoAnn Locktov, a fellow Italophile with a special affinity for Venezia.  Described by her as a true “labor of love”  it is not only an ode to her beloved Venice, but a call to action —  supplication from the City of the Sea herself. 

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Order DREAM OF VENICE – United States release date Dec. 5, 2014:  $26. }
A portion of the proceeds from DREAM OF VENICE will be donated to Save Venice, Incto support vital art and architecture restorations in La Serenissima (the serene Republic of Venice.)


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