Breathing Room

Dining Room - JPeters, ,Coconut Grove on linenlavenderlife

Bedroom - Homeowner/Designer:  Jenny Peters, Coconut Grove - as seen on

Living Room Detail - Homeowner/Designer:  Jenny Peters, Coconut Grove - as seen on

These images have been in my design file for quite some time and each time I run across them I find them as fresh and appealing as ever. Every comfort is accounted for, yet restraint is evident in the unadorned plaster walls and the modest number of purely decorative items throughout.

The owner/designer is Jenny Peters and she certainly has captured the essence of the design philosophy I’ve often mentioned throughout l&l:

For a restorative, inspiring living environment we need to have areas we intentionally leave bare.

—A rest for the senses…b r e a t h i n g   r o o m.

¿no te parece?

001LeAnns Single L Signature with heart as seen on linen and lavender copy copy

JPeters, living room on linenlavenderlife . com

Owner/Designer: Jenny Peters
Photographer: Tria Giovan
Architect: Rafael Portuondo

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