Back to Provence

  We’ve shared images of this home –a favorite of mine– over the years but never a full tour until today.  Enjoy!   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    . . . . . . . . . . . .    . . .    […]

Where I went today…

…I started out in Montecito, California  visiting a Spanish Colonial home by Architect Thomas Bollay… …with authentic detailed tiling and old wrought iron doors salvaged from the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel… …and a charming outdoor living space complete with the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace. Next, I was off to Europe and found myself looking down […]

Design Daily – stone stairway

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Design Daily – The Soul of a House

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I’m waiting…

I know I promised to reveal the give-away winners, but I still haven’t heard back from two of them, so I’ve decided to wait to announce all until tomorrow. (Assuming they get back to me then, of course.)  —No pressure girls!  😉 image via House Beautiful linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – white plaster, Mediterranean Style

This looks like heaven to me.  —Particularly since I’m currently living through the daily dust of a renovation.  Today they are working on the electrical, so we are headed out and away.  Just a reminder before I go that the next giveaway is just around the corner.   Make it a great day! ~  image:  Mediterranean Style:  Relaxed Living Inspired by […]

Antique Hardware

Image from French Country Style at Home French Country Style at Home in  the emporium .. (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~(de) ~ (it)~ (es) You might also like: The gorgeous reproduction hardware available at  The Golden Lion Golden Lion’s website doesn’t do the hardware justice.  Visit one of their locations if you are able! see our new site:   

Design Daily – iron and glass folding doors

Côté Maisons Lovely room for dining.  The ability to fold off the doors completely is wonderful.  It also looks like it would make a great work space.  I can imagine an afternoon spent writing here or with ideas for my latest project spread out in front of me.    What do you think? linen & […]

Design Daily – stairway

Maisons Côté Sud linen & lavender see our new site: You might also like:  The Heart of the Home

Design Daily – woodwork

Image from Côté Sud Magazine linen & lavender                                         Côté Sud Subscription: (fr) .. in  the emporium (de) see our new site:

Design Daily – lived in and loved

A favorite image of mine.  Timeworn elements and quirky touches alongside traditional architecture make a home personal and interesting.                                                            linen & lavender French Country Style at Home […]

Design Daily – splendor in glass

Ironwork by Gilles Giordano, Cannes Image:   Maisons Côté Sud Magazine Update May 2012:   This is an image I found in one of my older Côté Sud Magazines.  I cropped it and manipulated it a bit to increase the “watery” appearance of the old glass that I love so much.  (By the way, […]