Yoga: Mind.Body.Soul

“When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.” – Yogi Bhajan is now:

Communing with Nature

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein Believe it or not, this stylish room-with-a-view is actually a pre-fabricated green house/garden shed kit designed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth for Kekkilä Garden (Finland.) Linda modified the original design slightly adding lighting, wood floors and solar panels to create her own […]

Sting & Trudie: Healthy living at their Tuscan estate “Il Palagio”

Il Palagio In the program series the couple created with Gaiam, Trudie and Sting  share  an  intimate  look  at  how and why fitness, healthy  eating,  eco-conscious choices and social action are essential parts of how they live their lives. The workouts are guided by Styler and celebrity trainer James D’Silva, and the DVDs feature music from […]