Inspiration File ~ Palette: Gray

image via Maison Francaise, Spring/Summer 2010 linen & lavender Love design with a bit of gray? (or grey?!)  You might also enjoy these previous posts:   This = Love The grays have it! linen & lavender:  origin of a name xo~ visit our new site:

This = Love

Recommended: .. This = Love (MP3 single) If you could be anywhere that you wanted to be With anyone that you wanted to be with Do anything that you wanted to do What would it be and who would it be with you? Time flies but you’re the pilot It moves real fast but you’re […]

Simple Home –They wrote the book…

Love these images from Mark and Sally Bailey’s {simple home} –calm spaces for comfortable living. The book was first published in 2009, but I somehow missed it.  I just purchased it yesterday and have been immersed in its pages since.  We share much of the same design philosophy and approach to living.  It’s safe to say […]

Design Daily – fireplace

Côté Sud Dec 2001-Jan 2002  More design inspiration you might enjoy: linen and lavender – origin of a name -Not unlike one might hold on to a bit of rare truffle they’ve splurged on; -stowing it away until the perfect opportunity to incorporate it into just the right recipe… Dream Weavers   I found my dreams but […]

Design Daily – embracing the past

Côté Sud Dec 2003-Jan 2004 linen & lavender My favorite magazines!—  Côté Sud Magazine Subscription Côté Est Magazine Subscription Côté Ouest Magazine Subscription see our new site:

Design Daily – timeless appeal

image via Italian Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg Photography by Chris Tubbs Italian Country Living  ..  in the emporium (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~ (de) ~ (it) ~ (es) linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – Zona Home

image via Zona Home by Louis Sagar Beautiful still life composition. linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – detail

Maisons Côté Ouest, Avr-Mai 2002 linen & lavender see our new site: