“Charmed, I’m sure.”

French Country Hideaways Vacationing at Private Châteaus and Manors in Rural France by Casey O’Brien Blondes, Images by Stephanie Cardon I’m thinking- Yes.  Lovely vacation spot to be sure, but can something be too idyllic?   I mean, can you imagine spending a few days here knowing that eventually you will have to leave?(!)     Travel Information: French […]

Design Daily – stone stairway

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December 31st, Reflection and Introspection

I remember a letter my Grandma wrote where she described the seasons as climbing a hill, with the peak as December 31st —New Years Eve.  She said that’s how she has always seen it in her mind’s eye.  I realized then that I had always visualized the passing year as a circular path.  I don’t picture it as a […]