Artist Feature: Léon Bonvin b.1834 Paris, d.1866 Meudon, France

 Still Life with Wine, Water, Fruit and Nuts Léon Bonvin  French, 1864  Bare Tree and a Plowman Léon Bonvin  French,  1864      Léon Bonvin, Farm Building c.1864 Léon Bonvin  French, 1865,  Still Life on Kitchen Table with Celery, Parsley, Bowl and Cruets  As you know if you’ve been following l&l for awhile, I have a […]

Is this what we might call…

 . …the skull-inary arts? (!) Artist’s Statement:  {Currently, I use ceramics as my material in my method of expression, incorporating various decorative styles, patterns, and symbolic forms as my principal axis in creating my works.  The decorative styles and forms I allude to and incorporate in my works each contain a story based on historical […]

Kiss Me Again

I got my wish.  Just when I was missing my beloved Italy, I had the opportunity to travel there last night…Well, amend that to –I was taken there courtesy of the silver screen.  “Cinema Italian Style 2010” produced by Cinecittà Luce and The American Cinematheque* is currently running at the Egyptian (Hollywood) and Aero (Santa Monica) Theatres.  Fortunately for me, Alex […]