Design Daily – The Soul of a House

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Design Daily – portraits and perspectives

Côté Sud, Oct-Nov 2006 Maisons Côté Sud Magazine subscription available in the emporium (de) . I was putting together today’s post and while the image was uploading, my mind wandered. I was lost in thought until I found myself focusing in on a novel here in my bookcase next to my desk…”Venus of Urbino” was looking back at me and seemed […]

Design Daily – Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

A sophisticated twist and welcome alternative to the traditional holiday colors.  Warm and wonderful. To make it perfect, let’s hope there’s a  big stone fireplace somewhere within view.   🙂 Côté Sud Dec 2008-Jan 2009 see our new site:

Source Sharing – Rivièra Maison

  I pulled a few things that caught my eye, but be sure to check out their website…This is only a sampling of their many offerings!   Web Shop (English version): Riviera Maison To find information by country: Christmas Spirit Fun linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – refined rustic

French Home by Josephine Ryan (us) ~ (fr) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (de) ~ (it)~ (es) linen & lavender see our new site: