about a chair

Have you ever noticed that a solitary chair seems to have a personality all its own? This one is regally posing for his portrait.  He doesn’t need props to feel comfortable.  No side table with flowers to feel complete,  not a single pillow.    He is stoic and confident all by himself.   It doesn’t […]

Principles of Feng Shui

“To enhance your ability to move forward, move twenty-seven objects in your home which have not been moved in the last year.”  —Louis Sagar Zona Home by Louis Sagar ..  As I contemplate doing this, I realize that even with the renovation going on, there are still items I place in a specific position and there are […]

Design Daily – chair fancy

Maisons Côté Ouest Magazine Oct-Nov 2002 I want these chairs!  (Even just one will do.) linen & lavender see our new site: www.linenlavenderlife.com