Black and White…

…and a bit in between. .. Do you have this in your collection?   It just went on my wishlist. Lovely! P.S.  Want to create your own wishlist?   Go {here} to create a universal wishlist  (it allows you to add items from any website.) Once you have the wishlist feature in place, visit the emporium […]

One can never have too many…

…at least that’s what it says in my book.   😉 linen & lavender see our new site: Céramiques, Pichon You might also like: Postcards are intriguing to me because people are confined to such a limited space for their message. Much like when you know very little of another’s language and are reduced to […]

Design Daily – black hutch, pitchers

Côté Est Sep-Nov 2005,  A reminder that our anniversary celebration continues with another giveaway coming up July 8th! To be eligible, join our global community and/or become an email subscriber.    Please note that as a new email subscriber, you need to confirm by responding to the first “confirm your subscription” email you receive.  A number of people have […]

Paris is mad!

English:  Post Card French:  Carte Postale Spanish:  Tarjeta Postal Italian:  Cartolina Today I ran across some old postcards I purchased several years ago.  I don’t have an extensive collection, but as I thumbed through them, I was thinking how interesting it is that we human beings like to collect things.  From the bizarre to the […]