Casa Antica

I can just see a gorgeous chandelier in this room~ dripping in watery crystals… …catching sunbeams by day and dancing ’round the curved ceiling by night. ~Bel Contrasto! see our new site:   images 1-3: CASANTICA chandelier image:  Côté Sud Dec02-Jan03 linen & lavender

Design Daily – splendor in glass

Ironwork by Gilles Giordano, Cannes Image:   Maisons Côté Sud Magazine Update May 2012:   This is an image I found in one of my older Côté Sud Magazines.  I cropped it and manipulated it a bit to increase the “watery” appearance of the old glass that I love so much.  (By the way, […]

Design Daily – Italian Country Living

Image from Italian Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg linen & lavender Italian Country Living  ..  in the emporium (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~ (de) ~ (it) ~ (es) linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – Italian Style

Photograph:  Simon Upton editing by lb …Italian rooms are often beautifully proportioned:  the height of the ceiling, the size and layout of the architectural features—the fireplace, windows and doors—have all been carefully calculated to create a sense of harmony and balance.  Similar care is taken when furnishing a room.  Furniture and pictures can be placed […]

Design Daily – Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett Photography by Jonn Coolidge Foreword by Mary Steenburgen “By infusing your environment with vibrant energy and symbols of beauty, love, success and bounty, your space becomes a living, breathing manifestation of the life you want to live:  a blueprint for your destiny.”  excerpt, page 8 To order this […]