Today, try shifting your perspective to shift your perspective…

Today, try this exercise:  TRY SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVE IN ORDER TO SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE. – By this, I mean physically change your “normal” viewing position and see what you discover.  Find something in nature if you can –a flower, a tree, a blade of grass– and focus on it from this new viewing position. Take a […]

Flowers in Profusion – Tasha Tudor’s Garden in June

“I don’t make proper flower arrangements; mine just grow, like the garden.” —Tasha Tudor  My Grandma H. introduced me to the magical world of Tasha Tudor.  She always admired her and it’s easy to see why.   These gorgeous images by Robert Brown are from the book Tasha Tudor’s Garden I’ve had in my library […]

Dream Day

My dream day?  Well, it comes in many forms but what immediately comes to mind is travel.  I love to travel and see the world  – to explore another place, another culture, another way of doing things.   I always return with a fresh perspective and charged with creativity energy. Today, the time I spent capturing […]

“If you build it. . .

                                     …they will come.”     I think the magical thing about gardens is that they take on a life of their own.    I mean, all I really did was put together a few plants, flowers and […]

natural treasures

Italian flat-leaf parsley, zucchini and sage from our garden. Italian flat-leaf parsley from our garden,  my Grandmother’s gathering basket. One of my fondest memories is running through the large vegetable garden at my Grandparents’ house. Rows of corn hid us from view and we could spend hours out playing in the small stream that ran […]


Inspiration to begin again.   images via Côté Sud linen & lavender More inspiration: The Way We Live Alfresco  . Country  . Garden . The French Country Garden see our new site:

Design Daily – alfresco, striped tablecloth

Elle Decor Italy alfresco dining For more outdoor living design inspiration see the category: Alfresco Dining/Outdoor Living in the ARCHIVE where you will find: alfresco, sunflowers Alfresco! Alfresco! …And the livin’ is easy Arcadia – John Saladino “Charmed, I’m sure.” essentials, outdoor living Image for a gloomy day: Inspiration File ~ Outdoor Living inside out: […]

Design Daily – tree tops, nature’s art

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The Garden Path…

. . . . …lead me down! images via  Côté Sud Aout-Sept 2007 . .. see our new site:

Dream a little dream…

Amazing white wisteria –  “glycine blanche”  image:  Maison Francaise You might also enjoy this book: In Search of Paradise Great Gardens of the World   .. linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – Outdoor Living

Maisons Côté Sud, Dec 08-Jan 09 You might also like: “Functional Art” Recipe:  Beet and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – Pool

Count me in!  Image via Maisons Côte Sud linen & lavender Côté Sud Subscription: (fr) .. in  the emporium (de) see our new site:

Design Daily – Axel Vervoordt, inside-out

Image via Timeless Interiors by Axel Vervoordt linen & lavender  Axel Vervoordt’s Timeless Interiors in the emporium Editions in English: (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~ (de) ~ (it) ~ (es) Editions in other languages: (fr) Français (de) Deutsch see our new site:

Design Daily – vine-covered pergola

Côté Sud, Aout-Sept 2006 …Serious motivation to get my iron pergola project completed! Côté Sud magazine subscription available in the emporium (de) You might also like:  Nature’s Art  Shop our selection of garden books in:  the emporium (us) the emporium (uk) the emporium (ca) the emporium (fr) the emporium (de) Consigliati su Recomendados en see our […]