La Maison Du Bonheur as seen in Maisons Côté Sud (fr)

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Inspiration File ~ Monastic Simplicity

A room that asks nothing of you…the ultimate luxury. Wishing you a peace-filled day. xo~ image via Maisons Côté Sud Dec 05-Jan 06 linen & lavender visit our new site:

Essential Oils – Gifts of Nature

DEFINITION OF : essential oils – aromatic liquid substances extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots, and trees. see this post on our new site with updated product links :  Essential Oils-Gifts of Nature I have a collection of essential oils and I use them for everything from housekeeping to skincare to […]

Post-Holiday Essentials

Overindulge last night?  Essential oils of Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon help soften the effects of a hangover.  Make your own blend of these oils and use a total of 6-8 drops in a bath. Stress-soothing massage oil – Mix 2 drops each of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Bergamot essential oil […]

A Christmas Gift

…from me to you: A special playlist I put together for the holidays. Tip:  Right click on the playlist link and open it in a new tab so you can enjoy uninterrupted music play as you browse. {l&l’s Holiday Playlist} I’ve put one of my favorites at the top:  “All I want for Christmas is […]

Advice from a French Grandmother…

“It  is  not necessary to hide your reserve of winter logs.   Crude wood gives a different aspect to this dignified  room,  evoking  a Venetian palace.” ~excerpt from A Well Kept Home, Household Traditions and Simple Secrets from a French Grandmother . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Bathing Room, Maisons Côté Sud

Maisons Côté Sud Dec 05 – Jan 06 Maisons Côté  Sud Magazine Subscription visit our new site:


These stunning images are a feast for the eyes, aren’t they?  I’ve had them in my travel file for awhile now and thought of them because for dinner this evening, Alex and I are making “Ravioli Caprese” by Giada de Laurentis.  I’ll report later how it turns out   Giada made it look very easy —we’ll […]

Linen, naturally.

Love the simple, casual design of this ottoman cover.  Natural linen is a favorite of mine (surprise, surprise) and if there is a white slipcover somewhere in the mix, all the better.  I never, ever tire of the combination.  It is always fresh and appealing to me.  (Of course, gorgeous floor-to-ceiling stone as a backdrop doesn’t […]


Inspiration to begin again.   images via Côté Sud linen & lavender More inspiration: The Way We Live Alfresco  . Country  . Garden . The French Country Garden see our new site:

funky and fun

and speaking of fun….   image via Côté Sud Dec 10-Jan 11 linen & lavender see our new site: 

If on a winter’s day…

…you find yourself with the luxurious combination of time, a comfy sofa and a good book…here’s the perfect drink:   Recipe from  ENLIGHTENED CHOCOLATE   by Camila V. Saulsbury For more than 200 delicious recipes: .. the emporium image via:  Maisons Côté  Sud Interesting read: .. Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods) see our new site:

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne                Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis on Grooveshark   Robert Burns’ original Scots verse: Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne* ? CHORUS For auld lang syne, my […]

Sleeping Pretty

image via Côté Sud  linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – Holiday Menu Planning

It’s that time of year at my house. —Holiday menu planning and tableware inventory is officially underway!   image:  Maisons Côté  Sud linen & lavender see our new site: You might also like: Entertaining in the French Style Thanksgiving Around My French Table new release Winter Celebrations 

Reading Niche

Image:  Côté Sud For recommended reads:   the emporium linen & lavender see our new site:

Extending the olive branch~

I’m taking a few moments today to reflect on this emblem of peace…sending good will and healing thoughts out to all human beings on our planet.   “…Let all beings be happy, loved, and peaceful.” More: Global Peace Makers  – Seven Practices Peace Is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End a book by Deepak […]