Travel Journal: If the boot fits…

Giovanni has been rubbing oil on my back and now begins making his way down each leg, whispering, ” . . . belli piedi . . . cara mia” –something about giving me a foot massage, I think. I drowsily nod and smile, assured by his tone that I will enjoy whatever he is proposing. The […]

Dream Day

My dream day?  Well, it comes in many forms but what immediately comes to mind is traveling.  I love to explore another place, another culture, another way of doing things.  I always return with a fresh perspective and charged with creative energy. Today, the time I spent capturing the light in my garden sent me […]

Recipe: Truffle Bruschetta

Truffle forest near Assisi, Italy ON A SIX-WEEK STAY IN TUSCANY and while making my way through several recipe books in the cucina of my wee appartamento, I came across the English edition of “How to make Bruschette.” It is a small, paperback book unremarkable in its appearance, but with many variations on Bruschette and Crostone.*  I […]

Travel Journal: Nesting Instinct

I was looking through some of our vacation photos today and I began to think about travel and who we are when we travel.    There’s a famous quote (attributed to Confucius) that translates to something like:  “Wherever you go, there you are.”    While there is the deeply spiritual aspect to this observation, I was musing […]

Around the World – Portugal

These gorgeous images are from Pratos e Travessas —food, photography and stories, by the multi-talented, Mónica Pinto. Based in Portugal, Mónica is a favorite on our —Around the World— list, l&l’s  ever-expanding collection of amazingly creative people from all over the planet.       in her own words: “I work in a studio in my house. An independent room facing the […]

Appennino by Giambologna

Giambologna’s largest work, the mountain god, Appennino (1577) Between 1568 and 1586 Bernardo Buontalenti built a great palace at Pratolino (Garden of Villa Demidoff at Pratolino Park) for Francesco I and Bianca Cappello. It was completed under Ferdinando I, and the residential building that resulted was sumptuous and rich in architectural inventions, in the late […]