1. Dear LeAnn,
    I just finished looking at your entire blog and fell in love. Finally…authentic beauty….your pictures …timeless,understated luxury. I love everything you post and was delighted that we share alot of tastes ; books,flowers,Italy,wine(especially great Tuscans)and the gift of yoga.I live in Montreal Canada and unfortunately have little access to the things I love or people who like the same(only my husband and little girl can listen to me talk about an antique table ) All this to say thank you so much for your inspiring vision and looking forward to all your tasteful posts!
    p.s.I'd love to know your children's books.

  2. Hi, Maria. Thank you so much! I wanted to let you know I will respond to you via email, as well. (I removed your email address and re-posted your comment without it. -I don't want you receiving unsolicited emails.)
    I know what you mean. My family often indulges me too, but it is really fun to find someone who actually enjoys -as opposed to just tolerates- discussing such things as an antique table! Let's be sure to keep in touch. Thanks again and all my best ~LeAnn

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