December 31st, Reflection and Introspection

Photograph:  Côté Sud Dec 2000-Jan 2001 as seen on -

I remember a letter my Grandma wrote where she described the seasons as climbing a hill, with the peak as December 31st —New Years Eve.  She said that’s how she has always seen it in her mind’s eye.  I realized then that I had always visualized the passing year as a circular path.  I don’t picture it as a climb up, but more like a traversing around.  Until my Grandma’s letter, I hadn’t really thought about it before, at least not processing it on a conscious level like that.  But the picture came to mind immediately and I recognized it as familiar to me as anything I know.

It led me to think about how different we all are and how we are often operating with an unconscious filtering system that may or may not be serving us very well.  We are limited to our own perspective until there is some impetus, some “nudge” to look at things differently.  I love these kind of reality shakers;  – where our awareness is awakened and expanded.  Those, “I hadn’t thought of that before” moments.

“You don’t know, what you don’t know,”  comes to mind.  Operating in our usual mode of operation with our interior control panel set on “default” we may miss opportunities to broaden our horizons.  However, the more we communicate and share with others with an open heart and open mind, the more we expand and grow.  That’s an exciting proposition to me and explains why I have such a love for travel and for interacting with people in this forum.     

I’m very grateful for the world we live in where we have the ability to reach out to others around the globe.  Unlike any other time before us, we have the tools to learn from myriads of people, cultures and life experiences.  …Sometimes we find someone who is similar to us and we can celebrate and expand on shared values….Other times, we find someone with different ideas and ways of looking at things and we are gifted the opportunity for growth and expansion. —A new jumping-off point for creating beyond what we alone could conceive.

I  have enjoyed these past few months sharing and learning with all my fellow bloggers and readers around the world.  As we embark on the new year together, I raise my glass in gratitude and send you my very best wishes:

Here’s to the new year and perpetual expansion!  
Photograph:  Côté Sud Dec 2000-Jan 2001

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