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Suddenly, my thoughts have turned to my garden and garden parties and late-night summer dinners soon-to-come.  It is as though I was awakened from a winter hibernation mode –wholly focused on house renovations– and was surprised and delighted to find that spring had magically arrived outside my window.  Now all I can think about is planting this and trimming back that and building this and making cushions for that…the list goes on and on. 

One thing on the agenda is an iron pergola structure.  We have a number of places we use for alfresco dining, but I’ve always wanted to create a space right in front of our stone fireplace.  This year seems to be the year to make it happen.   It may be several weeks until it is finished, but I’ll be sure to share the finished design with you then.  Right now, the sun is shining and I can hear my fountain gurgling…I’m headed back out to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!  

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