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…Italian rooms are often beautifully proportioned:  the height of the ceiling, the size and layout of the architectural featuresthe fireplace, windows and doorshave all been carefully calculated to create a sense of harmony and balance.  Similar care is taken when furnishing a room.  Furniture and pictures can be placed in such a way to emphasize the balance, with matching pairs arranged symmetrically, like mirror images.  But equilibrium does not always dictate arrangement in pairs.  Sometimes harmony is suggested by placing different, but balanced, objects in the room as if an old-fashioned scale was loaded with a number of small objects on one side and a single massive object on the other, but each of equal weight.  Italians seems to do this as much by instinct as by design… 
 —excerpt from page 31, Italian Style by Jane Gordon Clark
Laura Pausini – The Italian pop singer Laura Pausini was born in 1974. She is best known in Europe and Latin America for her soulful vocal delivery. Throughout her career Pausini has sold more than 30 million albums.

Pausini started young, releasing her debut album at the age of thirteen. The album, I Sogoli di Laura (Laura’s dreams), was produced by her father Fabrizio Pausini, who had his own successful singing career. In 1993 her career was given a boost when she won the Sanremo Music Festival (in Italy), with her song “La Solitudine”, her Spanish version of the record released in 1994 made No. 22 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

The Sanremo Festival win secured her a deal with Warner Music Italy and she released her self-titled major label debut in 1993. The album was successful in Europe. The follow-up Laura was also successful and prompted her to record in Spanish to expand her fanbase. Her debut Spanish album was a compilation of previously released tracks, the album secured her reputation in Spain and Latin America.

In 2005 Pausini won a Latin Grammy for her Spanish language album Escucha, which went on to win a Grammy in 2005.

Pausini provided music for the films Message in a Bottle and Pokémon 2000: The Power of One

~Laura Pausini biography courtesy of Amazon

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