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Photograph by LeAnn, Palos Verdes, CA September 2009  for -

Photograph by LeAnn for l&l, Palos Verdes, CA September 2009
Trees glorious trees!  

Meetings with Remarkable Trees

About the Book

The artists in this powerful new book, Speak For The Trees, include both young and emerging artists, and such world-renowned figures as David Hockney, conceptual artist Yoko Ono, pop-surrealist Mark Ryden, international-environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and the beyond categorization Starn Brothers
Each artist contributed artwork, which has been showcased on a two-page spread together with the artist’s thinking on his or her work in relationship to trees, and with a quotation each selected from writers as diverse as Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, Abraham Lincoln and Henry David Thoreau, William Shakespeare and Ogden Nash.

Speak For The Trees explores the profound relationship humanity has with trees, moving and inspiring all who experience it. This is a reflection, Friesen writes, of something we have “known” for more than five thousand years: “We are connected…gratitude and respect for nature are paramount. If we tuned in and returned to that deeper understanding and sense of unity, how could the world not be a better place?”

The project received a remarkable response from all participants: Few of the artists had heard of Friesen or of her gallery, but all agreed to participate based on the title of the book alone; the artists’ visual and written offerings were donated, and no royalties were paid for any copyrighted text.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of this first edition (outside of printing costs) will directly and equally benefit the Esalen Institute in California and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

-all information and excerpts from the Speak for the Trees Book website. 

For further details, including the extensive list of artists and authors involved, go to:
About the Book

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