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Design by Elise Valdorcia, Côté Sud, Oct-Nov 2006 as seen on
Côté Sud, Oct-Nov 2006

Maisons Côté Sud Magazine

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I was putting together today’s post and while the image was uploading, my mind wandered. I was lost in thought until I found myself focusing in on a novel here in my bookcase next to my desk…”Venus of Urbino” was looking back at me and seemed to be suggesting this folly here. 

It’s interesting isn’t it?  How a single piece of art has the potential to change our entire perceptual experience of a room?

Two novels by Sarah Dunant:  
Jacket art:  Tiziano Vecellio, “Venus of Urbino”
Uffizi, Florence

Jacket art:  Raphael, detail of Saint Barbara
from Sistine Madonna 1512

Update:  Just received a lovely message 
(see comments below) 
from the designer of this room:  
Elise Valdorcia

  ~A very talented interior designer, 
sculptor and furniture designer.  
So happy you introduced yourself, Elise!   

Elise talks about l&l [here]

see our new site:

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  1. Oh my, so beautiful pictures! In the end I will subscribe to "Coté Sud", I know! But I can't, I have subscriptions to so many magazines that I hardly find the time to read them all!!! Thank you for the nice words you left on my blog, I love your love for Italy!I hope to see you soon, Fra

  2. Wow the impact of the paintings is amazing – so tangibly different when changed over.
    The first room felt cold and a bit too sober for me, where as with the second painting, I feel much more at ease..

    Brilliant post.

    x Charlotta

  3. Hello, I know, we are on 2012 but before, I had no time to read blog and have a FB profil. Now, it is done and I find a lot of photos of houses in Provences I have decorated. My name is Elise Valdorcia, I am french, and interior decorator, furnisher designer and maker and expert in making 18th century old finitions.
    In this photo, I made the patina of the fireplace and transform new little tables with old wood. That's funny to see that again. I found the painting for the proprietary, ( She loved only old personn portraits), and I love your transformation, amazing!!!!! If you want to see my work, come and see me on FB, blogger, website:,Pinterest. Welcome!!!!!,love your blog
    Elise Valdorcia

  4. Elise, I'm so happy you found me! You are so talented and do such beautiful work! I look forward to spending more time on your website and look forward to one day sharing some of your sculptures and furniture. I will add you to l&l's facebook page, too. Let's keep in touch! xo~LeAnn

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