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Provence farmhouse, stone sink via Côté Sud Aout-Sept 05 edited by lb for ~linen & lavender

Olives & Oranges, Recipes & Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cypress & Beyond by Sara Jenkins & Mindy Fox  as seen on linen & lavender (l&l)
Olives & Oranges
Recipes & Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cypress & Beyond
by Sara Jenkins & Mindy Fox
Photography by Alan Richardson

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Prep sinks on my mind today.  We are waiting for the cabinet maker to deliver the base for our prep sink area, then the stone concrete finisher will come in to create the integrated sink and counter I’ve designed. 

Everything is coming together –slowly– but surely! 

linen & lavender
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  1. I'm dreaming of stone countertops and sink…probably from all the Cote Sud's I read! I keep telling Brent that it's "just concrete" I don't see why we couldn't do it ourselves! LOL!!

  2. Tiffany! Hi! Good to hear from you. I know what you mean. -Wish it was that simple and I would be doing it right now instead of waiting for the expert to show up!
    A renovation is certainly an exercise in patience…Particularly living through one. 🙂 LeAnn

  3. Lovely picture! My grandmother had a sink like this in Greece. It always felt very special whenever I used it even as a little girl.
    Happy one year anniversary LeAnn!
    Maria , Canada

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