Design Daily – the ultimate lap pool

Alcove near outdoor pool, Côté Sud Aout-Sept 2002 edited by lb for (l&l)

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful place to spend a summer day?!

…A few laps and then a nap…a few laps and then a nap…a few naps and then a lap…

Côté Sud Aout-Sept 2002
linen & lavender

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  1. by the way, we live in umbria, italy. i am american, living in europe for many, many years, and have european citizenship, as well as american. also lived in austria and france. speak all the languages, prefer the european lifestyle, and particularly, italy. i can tell you are a european at heart. thanks for your time, robin

  2. hi leann, robin from umbria. you inspire me and we actually built our bathroom sink pedestals from one of your posts. renovating a stone house in umbria. also your pool photos mimic our pool- 3 and a half by 15 meters- a pool for swimming. thanks for your beautiful blog, robin(female)

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