Distillation. A return to the infinite within us.

image by LBrown, outside Fiesole, Italy - for linenlavenderlife.com

The benefit of having lived within a religion or any dogmatic system is that when you awaken and detach yourself from it, you have the skill to view everything in the world with new eyes. It teaches you to question everything you once took for granted, even the “good” things—maybe most importantly, the good things.

Not to tear it all apart or completely disregard it, but to examine it thoroughly from all angles, distill it down. Humbly pull back layers and layers you yourself have added, have accepted until you finally see what truth or truths may or may not be there.  

Most importantly, never accepting or assuming you have arrived at the final truth, the final destination—always remaining open to allow deeper and deeper realizations to reveal themselves to you. Knowing full well that human beings have always stumbled, always struggled when they seek to contain and package these findings to create the ultimate formula, when they seek to achieve a status of authority over a subject—or for subjugation of another.

Returning to the infinite within us, we do not seek to dominate and control others—nor to save.  

So often we seek leaders to whom we can surrender our sovereignty—to blindly trust, blindly follow rather than the work of standing in our own power. We [human beings] are often quick to give ourselves over to someone who proclaims they have the answers, who promises they will guide us, protect us—so long as we follow them faithfully, so long as we do not look beyond them.

It can be confusing because we do learn by contrast, we do learn by this experience of looking outside ourselves, by looking to someone else we trust or someone who fools themselves and us into believing they have all the answers—but this outward seeking, this giving over ourselves to another, eventually crumbles. We eventually see the truth—our power is within: “The kingdom of God is within.”  We came to this planet for the experience of contrast—in the quest for expansion—for creation to continue evolving, continue creating. We came to experience in order to find truth. The truth of who we really are at our core, our essence.

image by LBrown, Florence, Italy

The truth of our purpose—no matter the worldly guise—is to distill all down to the light and love within. Love for ourselves, love for all creation.

This love is unconditional—it cannot be sorted, weighed, contained, metered out—as so many have sought to do. It is not found in any one religion, organization, culture, or mode of living. It is found within all beings—not within the institutions founded by those beings—no matter how well-intentioned their foundation. All are flawed in their attempt to package and sell their ideas.

These attempts are easily identified as patriarchy, hierarchy, exclusivity, racial and gender bias…the list goes on.  Any such sorting and encouragement of judgement, of motivating through fear and separation—all these concepts and precepts do not hold in the light of unconditional love. It is clear they are the egoic attempts of men, attempts to assert power over another, to propagate fear as a catalyst towards the “salvation” they themselves have created and defined.

Shining the light of unconditional love on these man-made creations, crumbles their foundation. Crumbles the illusion that they have the exclusive keys, the exclusive path as they so often tout. Indeed, it is what makes it so easy to discern a deviation from truth…simply by their proclamation that only they have the truth. Such proclamations reveal their own hollow core. Their egoic origin of fear and separation. For no creation of pure, unconditional love would promote such tenets of exclusivity. No true God, no ascended being would tout these values. These are the values of a being or beings who are still learning through fear and separation, through competition, superiority and hierarchy—on their own path of discovery—experiencing and then often promoting their findings to others…Some with the best of intentions and others with hidden agendas, but all are flawed in that fear is their core premise.  Sometimes disguised, sometimes blatantly flaunted.

Every being must walk their own path and learn from contrast on this earthly plane…from experiencing ideas and creations carved from fear—in order to distill and extract—in order to return to Love—to the infinite truth of us all, of all creation. Each path is as unique as each individual and equally valid. It can be no other way. No one person or organization has the ultimate answer. You must seek it yourself, using unconditional love as your compass, your lantern—your guide.

Go within. It is there.

written by LeAnn B of linenlavenderlife, May 23, 2018

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