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image via Côté Ouest Oct-Nov 02, edited by lb for
image via Côté Sud Fev-Mar 2002, edited by lb for
image via Côté Sud Fev-Mar 2002, edited by lb for
image via Côté Sud Fev-Mar 2002, edited by lb for
image via Côté Sud Fev-Mar 2002, edited by lb for
image via Côté Ouest Oct-Nov 05, edited by lb for
By the way, this last photo has reminded me:  If you have read “Thinking Outside the Box” the above is a great way to label bottles that I didn’t mention in the article.  You can use a metal initial or number tag or even have a metal tag custom engraved (for example) “milk” -or in your favorite language e.g. “lait,” “latte.”   You can also try searching on-line for “metal decanter tags.”  Options will come up for blank tags you can have engraved.

Another idea is to use a wine drip collar to differentiate what is what in your pantry or refrigerator (or whose drink is whose.)  Of course, this idea is limited to bottles that the collar will fit, but as I  mentioned in Thinking Outside the Box,  I have many bottles that fall into this category around my house such as olive oil bottles and other narrow neck bottles we re-purpose. 

You could also use a charm such as those they sell for wine glass markers or bracelets.  A jewelry-making supplier will have many options in this category.  You are sure to find a charm in the shape of a milk bottle or maybe use a cow charm to distinguish what is what (maybe one cow for 1% and two cows for 2%?!)  And, of course, a jewelry-making supplier will have a large selection of initials and numbers if you decide to go that route as well as the chain or wire you’ll need to fasten them around the bottle.

I have differentiated some of the bottles in my house just by wrapping the neck with sisal twine; -ribbon, raffia or scrap fabric would work fine, too.  You could also make a rustic label with twine and wax, using a stamp or hand-engraving your letter or word of choice. 

.reusable zinc labels available in the emporium by
reusable zinc label (pkg of 6)from the emporium
Another idea I had is based on a metal key chain I saw somewhere that someone had made out of a vintage spoon.  They had folded the handle back to form the ring and had engraved on the bowl portion.  Though more involved, it does seem a fun way to label many containers in your kitchen.  The engraved spoons function as labels, but could also be used as the scoop for many items. 

Whatever you decide to do, I suggest keeping it streamlined and simple.  The system you devise should not only give you pleasure to look at, it should be easy to maintain.  The last thing I want is for you to be sitting in the midst of dozens of mislabeled bottles trying to decipher what is what and ruing the day you listened to “that crazy LeAnn over at linen and lavender!”   😉 
by LeAnn,
Images:  1-Cote Ouest Oct-Nov02; 2-4 and 6: Cote Sud Fev-Mar02; 5-Cote Ouest Oct-Nov 05
File:  Mellow Yellow, edited by lb for

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image via Côté Sud Fev-Mar 2002, edited by lb for
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  1. Hi Andrea (Divine): Truth be told, if I am taking the time to write about organization, something is probably being neglected in the physical world in that department (!) We are still living through a renovation so at least one area is always in a state of upheaval. (Sigh) Fortunately I can escape to blogland now and again when it is all too overwhelming.
    Thanks for stopping by! ~LeAnn

  2. The Paper Mulberry: Hello and welcome to linen and lavender. I just popped over to your blog to see if I could find your name. Lovely site you have. Lucky you living in all that history!
    I noticed you posted about engraved spoons for Valentine's Day. I had just posted the 13th about my idea to use engraved spoons for kitchen scoops/container labels. I'll have to contact the company you listed -Monkeys Always Look- and see if she could fashion something like I'm thinking. Thank you! ~LeAnn

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