Hello, Sunshine!

Do you have to leave so soon?

What do you think about drapery at a door like this?  I for one love the casual European flair it lends as well as the functional aspect. Did you notice the “M” monogram?  Maybe a former bed linen?  I have be known to use a linen sheet now and again as a window treatment, but hadn’t thought of incorporating a monogram.

I’m in the market for new window treatments for our living room and dining room. I gave ours away when the renovation started. A friend admired them and I was happy to send them on to a loving home. Since then–all summer–we have been tacking up canvas cloths at night for privacy and taking them down each morning to let the sunlight in.  

I had been fine with this routine all this time, but then suddenly it just hit me and I can’t stand it any longer! And it’s not just the windows that are demanding my attention. This morning we awoke to a downpour that has gone on all day with the wind getting in on the act this evening. We had just relaxed into some unusually warm and sunny days for October, but apparently that was just a tease. Old Mr. Sunshine has officially left us to visit elsewhere. . .time to bring out the extra blankets and throws, the warmer duvets and the cozier area rugs.

I’m about to make a dash from my studio to the house.

Be well!

Source Sharing:   Rough Linen by Tricia Rose
I’ve just recently discovered her wonderful world of linens.  
Go visit her site now and then check back here for a full feature in the coming days!

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  1. Personally I love the idea of a drape in front of a door. I've actually been thinking about doing this to a seldom used door in our dining room because cold seeps in around it. We have been getting tons of rain this fall but the sun Gods are on their way to the northeast for the next five days we'll be in the seventies with sunshine, unheard of this time of year.

  2. Ciao, Debra! Enjoy those sunny days! I can't complain too much, the sun returned again today and everything is clean and fresh after the rain. Thanks for stopping by! ~LeAnn

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