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The Kenwood Inn and Spa is located in the heart of Sonoma County’s wine country, about an hour’s drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Located in the Valley of the Moon amidst vineyards, oak groves, walnut orchards and fruit trees;  it is a 15-minute drive from the historic town of Sonoma and just minutes away from many of the region’s finest restaurants, wineries and state parks.

Conde Nast Traveler, Top Small Resort, Gold List 2010
Images courtesy of Kenwood Inn and Columbia Hospitality

As we pulled up to the Kenwood Inn for the first time, I was a bit dubious.  The property was beautiful, but located quite close to the Sonoma Highway, a main route through the valley.  However, upon stepping into the lobby with the view of the courtyard beyond, my doubts were immediately quelled.  The buildings and grounds were as enchanting as depicted on their website and I felt enveloped ìn a tranquil, welcoming world.    

I was completely happy with our suite’s location, too.  Tucked away at the back of the property adjacent to the wooded hillside, it had a rustic yet luxurious elegance about it:  stone floors, fireplace and fluffy down comforter.  (Check, check and check!)  The bed linens were white and pristine and housekeeping paid attention to every detail throughout our stay.  The duvet cover was pressed fresh each morning and each night the bed looked just as plump and inviting as it did the first day we arrived. 

The property isn’t large, but the lay-out and landscaping succeed in providing a sense of privacy.  Meandering paths lead to tucked-away places to escape with a book or to share a bottle of wine.

The spa is intimate with just a few rooms near the main pool so be sure to book in advance if at all possible.  The facials and massages I had that trip and subsequent trips did not disappoint and I still use some of the grape-based “vino-therapy” products used in those first treatments I experienced there.  

All in all, Kenwood Inn is a wonderful place.  My only word of advice is to think of it as more of a romantic destination in and of itself.  That first trip we had excursions planned throughout Napa and Sonoma that kept us busy and away from the inn.  Each night we looked longingly as we passed the candlelit courtyard with its fountain and fireplace creating a magical atmosphere…wishing we were about to partake in whatever was sending the enticing aromas wafting by.  We realized then that instead of driving out to reservations elsewhere, we’d much prefer staying right where we were -enjoying the wine bar and lingering over dinner with just a short walk to our beautiful room.  –with maybe a dip in the pool before bed?

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  1. Love Sonoma, the forests, hills, ocean. Everything. I didn't know about Kenwood & your descriptions & pics are lovely. I understand about destination properties…sometimes one has to slow down enough to just enjoy the destination for everything it was designed to be. Lovely post. xx's

  2. Hi,Delores. You crossed my mind when I was writing this post. I wondered if you might have stayed at Kenwood. I didn't know how long you had owned your lovely home up there. I've stayed in several nice places in Napa and Sonoma, but Kenwood remains a favorite for ambiance. I'll have to come see what you have been up to…will visit you soon. Take care~LeAnn

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