“I still have linen sheets woven by my Belgium grandmother…”

Côté Sud Dec 08-Jan09, linens, edited by lb for l&l

Meet Kathie the winner of a $100 gift card in linen & lavender’s most recent give-away.  I have thoroughly enjoyed corresponding with her and was delighted when she sent me the lovely letter you will find via the link above.  I know you will enjoy the peek into her life and getting to know her a bit as I have. 

It is so fun for me to think of each of you out there…wherever you are in the world and wherever you settle in to view the things I share here.  Each time I meet another reader, I am touched to hear how much they have enjoyed the content on l&l.  It makes all the hours of sifting through and editing photos, the writing and researching —everything that goes in to creating l&l worthwhile.  I love enjoying these inspiring images myself, but it is due to you, my readers, that I’ve remained motivated these 16 months to bring them to life in this forum.  So thank you.  Thank you, dear Kathie and all of you out there who support what I do here.  

A big hug from me to you!
linen & lavender

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  1. What a sweet and heartwarming post!
    I know what you mean about the connections we make in this virtual, yet very real world. The warm, friendly feedback that radiate back after a long post is amazing and makes it so worthwhile.

    I missed your very generous give away and will keep my eyes peeled for the next one.
    I have one going at the moment over at my little cyber corner.

    The picture here is amazing, as is the heading.
    Does that relate to you or to Kathie?
    I am off to follow that link now.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    x Charlotta

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