“It’s a mystery.”

Côté Sud Juin-Juillet 2007 as seen on linenandlavender.net, http://www.linenandlavender.net/2010/08/its-mystery.html
Elle Decoration, edited by lb for linenandlavender.net, http://www.linenandlavender.net/2010/08/its-mystery.html
Côté Sud Oct-Nov 2002 as seen on linenandlavender.net, http://www.linenandlavender.net/2010/08/its-mystery.html
Côté Sud Oct-Nov 2002 as seen on linenandlavender.net, http://www.linenandlavender.net/2010/08/its-mystery.html

Côté Ouest Juil-Aout 2001 as seen on linenandlavender.net, http://www.linenandlavender.net/2010/08/its-mystery.htmlShutters are on my agenda today.
Côté Ouest Juil-Aout 2001 as seen on linenandlavender.net, http://www.linenandlavender.net/2010/08/its-mystery.htmlOur little pied-à-terre we are renovating is the coloration of these last two photos.  New iron and glass doors are going in the kitchen and with that, we will also replace two adjacent windows.  It won’t happen all at once, but the plan is to continue replacing windows around the house with (I hope) shutters to be added not far behind.  In any event, I’m working as though the decision is imminent.  I’m gathering photos and honing in on what would look best as though I’m purchasing them tomorrow.  

I don’t know if you have found this to be true, but it seems whenever I work on something as though it is already the case, it somehow comes to fruition.  Even when all indicators seem in opposition to what I want;  -even when I’m lacking the means or the wherewithal to make it happen. 

That reminds me of a phrase my daughter and I often employ for a bit of comic relief:  
“I don’t know.  It’s a mystery.”

It’s from Shakespeare in Love and if you have seen the movie, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about:
  After many weeks of renovating, living through the daily dust and delays;  it sometimes seems that it will never be finished.  But I continue to have faith.  I know that this is the “natural condition” of any design project.  The best advice is to just “go with the flow.”  Somehow, everything will come together –just as it should.  Strangely enough, it always turns out well.   Don’t ask me how, though.   
—It is (indeed!) a mystery.
by LeAnn, linenandlavender.net
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Images 1,3-7: Côté Maisons,    
Image 2: Elle Decoration 
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  1. It is indeed a mystery. We just moved into the new home we spent two years building in January. I have often stood in wonder at how it all came together.

    I love all the images of shutters. Are you eventually replacing the windows with iron windows as well?

    This was a fabulous post. You brought it all together so well. You are quite a talent. i would love to see your home. I'm sure it's wonderful. Mona

  2. Ahhh…new windows…shutters. Someday it will all come together…magically! Would love to see your iron/glass doors. Have put off replacing our metal windows (single pane) because we're still looking for a pretty, energy efficient metal upgrade. Some day! Have a wonderful day, Trish

  3. Fabulous Shutters!

    And yes it is a mystery but it does always work out. I too am in the midst of it all and every now and then when it seems like it will never end or come together it somehow does and it's always lovely.

    Press on and smile.

  4. Hi, Mona. Yes. Definitely iron windows adjacent to the iron doors and probably the rest of the house, too. The house is a CA beach cottage from the 1920's with some elements of a CA bungalow, but other elements more European in flavor…maybe towards an English cottage. In any event, I'm taking it in the European direction as much as possible (!) and though I love the idea of keeping the old windows, many are beyond saving. I'm excited at the idea of one day sharing the renovation here on linen and lavender…just have to make it through the actual work so I have the time to blog about it! 🙂
    Thanks for writing. Keep in touch! ~LeAnn

  5. Hey, Christina at Greige. 🙂 I am happy to refer you to the company I'm using. I planned to post about them as soon as I receive our doors. I also found a couple of other sources that seemed very competent though we didn't elect to go with them. I'll pull them and send you an email. ~LeAnn

  6. Hi, Trish! I'm happy to hear from you. I will definitely share pics of the new doors when I receive them. …someday. The anticipation is half the fun though, I suppose! ~LeAnn

  7. Hi, Chelsey. Thank you! ~LeAnn

    Chellie: To really appreciate the quote, you must see the movie if you haven't. 🙂 ~LeAnn

    Tamra: So sweet of you. Thank you and best wishes with your project. ~LeAnn

    Vicki: I know, right? Sometimes I just have to remind myself to take a deep breath and just "let it be." 🙂 Thank you for stopping by l and l. ~LeAnn

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