La Cornue! La Cornue!

linenandlandlavender at home, LaCornue Range with pullouts for pots and pans,  image by lb for

Though we have been using and loving “him” for several months, we had the opportunity to really put our La Cornue range to the test over the holidays. I’m happy to report that he not only looks fabulous, he lives up to La Cornue’s reputation for performance excellence.

There are a number of color and feature options to choose from. This is the 5 burner CornuFé Albertine (36″ wide) model. I think he looks very much the “officer and gentleman” in his matte black suit with brass and stainless steel trim. We’re letting the brass patina and it is all blending in nicely with the look of our European country kitchen design.*

All-in-all, two thumbs way up for La Cornue. We couldn’t be happier with our selection.

*For those of you who have been writing to ask to see the newly renovated kitchen…Hoping this snippet will tide you over a bit longer.  🙂  Thank you for your patience. ~L

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  1. Hi LeAnn,
    Oh. My. God! Your La Cornue is absolutely amazing. I love how you have it sitting in its own alcove! And your cabinetry and backslash/countertop is wonderful. Yes, we were thinking alike today with our posts! I can't wait to see the entire kitchen! ~Delores

  2. Tricia: Thank you. I have been thinking about you! ~LeAnn

    Aina: Thank you! I just visited your blog and so enjoy your photos. Wonderful. ~LeAnn

    Delores: Merci! I am so glad you stopped by. My cabinetry is rift-sawn white oak. I haven't sealed it yet, but I'm really liking the natural state it is in now so contemplating whether I am going to do the finish I originally planned or maybe modify my original vision just a bit. The backsplash and counter…the entire wall area on that end of the kitchen is a concrete coat material. I will wait to explain more when I have done a thorough photo shoot…but yes, we have a similar taste in kitchens as you will see when mine is revealed. 🙂 ~L

  3. Hello design chic! You are new to me. Have you visited l&l previously? Thank you for your kind words. La Cornue does produce the right mix of function and good looks. Ours is a small cottage kitchen so no room for anything bigger, but we love our little Albertine as much as any of his cousins. 🙂
    Please visit again soon and I'll be by to check out your neck of the woods!

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