Less stuff, more life

Recently, I pared down to the bare essentials wardrobe-wise resulting in a deposit of four very large bags to a local church. This resulted in so much free space in my closet that I made the rather radical conclusion that I no longer needed the chest of drawers in my room. Now, in its stead, I have nothing more than a simple table holding a lovely hydrangea in varying shades of aubergine and violet.  

This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this; though it’s often on a smaller scale. I love clothes, shoes, bags and all the other feminine accoutrements as much as the next of my gender.  That said, it seems I can always find at least one or two items that I can pass along–(when I’m determined to do so.)  

That night, I took care to line up my slippers “just so” in honor of my pared down and freshened up sleeping space. As I snuggled in under the covers, I noticed moon-lit shadows from the tree outside my window were dancing and swaying in the wind back-and-forth across my newly exposed wall. It seemed I had unwittingly set the stage and nature invited herself in to play. Mesmerized, I watched this lullaby ballet until I drifted off contentedly to a deeply peaceful sleep.

Pure bliss. —And at such a bargain! 

 You might want to check out this book on simple living:

Soulful Simplicity:  How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More by Courtney Carver, 2017
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