Life. Is Beautiful.

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Today, I looked around at the aftermath of the week’s activities and sighed at the mountain of housework at hand. Then, for whatever reason (Divine Intervention?), my perspective shifted and I was inspired to snap some shots of the everyday vignettes you see here.  Flowers past their prime… 
linenandlavender at home, image by lb for -
…dirty dishcloths hung out to dry

linenandlavender at home, image by lb for -

…and cobwebs and dust awaiting my attention.  (Oh, trust me, they’re there.)
linenandlavender at home, image by lb for -
From my new perspective I could see…right alongside my long “to-do” list was also the beauty of life.   — So glad I didn’t miss it.

images by LeAnn
linen & lavender

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P.S.  I wrote this post yesterday and today, watched Super Soul Sunday.  I was happy to see it was an interview with Rainn Wilson, talking with Oprah about his production company and life’s passion to bring spirituality to the world in a fun, playful way: SoulPancake.  

I’ve mentioned before how much Alex and I both look forward to Super Soul Sunday {see my post “Soulful”} and we always enjoy the quirky, humorous and touching SoulPancake features.  

Today, interspersed throughout and after the interview, they showed several SoulPancake videos.  I particularly found the “Air Orchestra” heartwarming:


There was another SoulPancake video shown right after the interview that sent me marching out to my studio to publish this post I had written yesterday. –Watch it and you’ll see why.  🙂 

Wishing you a beauty-filled day!~L

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