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Dad, Marshall,Me( LeAnn), Mom and Baby Karalee

Dear Friends,

For whatever reason, today is the day I felt compelled to share with you some personal news:

Several months ago, everything we were excitedly working on suddenly came to a halt. Our new website, our yoga meditation retreat planslife as we knew itall came to a screeching halt when Alex and I returned from Italy to visit my mom who had been ill. The moment I saw hersaw how frail and thin she had become, I decided to stay and help care for her until she was well. 

We had every expectation she would make a full recovery, yet it was not to be. I woke up one night to check on her and found she had left this world. My dear, sweet “Gita” was only 70 years young. This was in June but seems like yesterday in many ways. The reunions and holidays have come and gone and our entire family is still reeling. . .so surreal to lose the most integral thread in our family tapestry. 

The sweet song of Gita was woven throughout all our lives in such a way…we will always yearn for her physical presence, her beautiful voice, her silly sense of humor and most of all, her love. Her legacy is this unconditional love. I know I am fortunate to have experienced such loveto have experienced such a special being as my mother in this lifetime. As devastated as I am, I hold on to this and feel immense gratitude for the gift she was to me and to everyone who knew her. 

I love you forever, sweet Geet! 
Thank you for being you! ~LeAnn

Anita Harris Brown July 28, 1944 - June 10, 2015 - as shared on
Anita Harris Brown
July 28, 1944 – June 10, 2015

FOR THOSE OF YOU anxiously awaiting the debut of our new website {}, we thank you for your patience and for hanging in there with us as we find our way back.  Despite our infrequent posts and pins, we are still receiving new subscribers and followers every day and are so grateful to all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm.   Sending light & love ~LeAnn & Alex  

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