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Cote Sud, Oct-Nov 2002, outdoor living as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

It’s September—Autumn is on its way. It’s time for the kids to go back to school. Most everyone I know is thinking about school supplies and packing away paraphernalia from their last trip of the summer. I was just out shopping and saw not only Halloween items on the shelves, but Christmas decorations, too!   —Is it just me or do they put them out earlier every year?

Ville Giardini Sept 2009, tree, garden as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

Here in lovely Southern California we are experiencing some of the warmest days we’ve had all year. If you live near the ocean, as we do, there aren’t many days like this where air conditioning is used (or wished for—as the case may be.)

Cote Sud, Juin-Juillet 2007 004 as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

Contrary to popular belief, we Californians actually don’t have “perfect” weather year round for alfresco dinners and the like. (I can see you rolling your eyes out there in New England this very moment.) Honestly though, I grew up in snow country and I still say California has quite a few evenings that are downright cold, particularly here near the beach. Nights where you sleep nestled in your down comforter and mornings where you linger in bed with the promise of hot coffee as the only impetus for leaving it.

Marie Claire Maison, JuilletAout 2005 as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

That’s what I was reminded of today when I saw all the holiday decorations already on the shelves. And that’s why I decided this moment to stop wishing for cooler temperatures and to start focusing on enjoying summer while I still can . . . mornings where I can roll out of bed and step right outside to enjoy the sunshine and the balmy summer evenings where I can sit out in the garden chatting with my friends well after dark.

Cote Sud, Avril-Mai 2006 as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

Don’t get me wrong. I love aspects of all the seasons and I love the holidays, but this is about living in the present moment, as they say. This year, I’m not going to wish the summer heat away and then suddenly find myself complaining because I haven’t been able to grill for ages.

Cote Sud, Juin-Juillet 2007 003 as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

Furthermore, I’m taking my own little stand against the commercialized push (shove) towards the holidays. I’m going to make a concentrated effort to ignore all the decorations already on the shelves and the calendar hurtling towards October with the inevitable slide right through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Cote Sud, Juin-Juillet 2007 002 as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

Yes. I’m vowing now to squeeze the absolute most summer I can out of the next few weeks. I’m going to do all those things I’ll be wishing I could do come the rainy days of winter.

Hmm . . . Let’s see . . .

Cote Sud, Avril-Mai 2008, as seen on l&l life - linenlavenderlife.com

 . . .  Maybe a bike ride this morning, then home for brunch and the Sunday crossword in the shade of my favorite tree . . . then tonight a casual dinner party in the garden. Something simple, like a beautiful caprese salad with the gorgeous, plump heirloom tomatoes we just bought at the farmer’s market, some tea lights flickering all around . . .

—Who’s with me?!

001LeAnns Single L Signature with heart as seen on linen and lavender copy copy

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Images: 1-Coté Sud: Oct-Nov 02; 2-Ville Gardini: Sept 09; 3-Coté Sud: Juin-Juillet 07; 4-Marie Claire Maison: Juillet-Aout 05; 5-Coté Sud: Avril-Mai 06; 6-Coté Sud: Juin-Juillet 07; 7-Coté Sud: Avril-Mai 08

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