Mora Clocks

The Gustavian gray clock shown in the recent post “The grays have it” is a Mora clock, so named because of their production location in the town of Mora (Sweden.)

They were produced from the late 18th century through most of the 19th century and eventually phased out due to competition from cheaper mass produced clocks originating in Germany and America.

I found the gray Mora for a client some years back and it remains one of my favorites for its simplistic design and beautiful gray finish. A good source for Mora clocks and other Swedish antiques is Avolli.  (Update:  Avolli is no longer dealing in antiques, but be sure to visit Tricia’s blog via the link below.)

I recently visited the Avolli site and found this striking (no pun intended) Mora that is currently available along with several other options. The owner’s name is Tricia Mitchell and she also writes a blog you might enjoy: Avolli

Her inventory is always changing, so if you are looking for something specific, be sure to send her an email and let her know.

Vet du vad klockan är? (Do you know what time it is?)…I’d say it’s time to go antique shopping! 

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Update:  See “Antique & Vintage Finds” for a variety of recent picks and sources  

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