Musings on light and letter-writing…

Light-filled bedroom via Art et Decoration as seen on linen and lavender

Loving the light in this bedroom and the downy white duvet  . . .so inviting.  I can see myself lingering with a favorite book in the morning or inspired to write a good old-fashioned letter here.

What a treasure the handwritten letter these days. 

Such a rarity in our modern age, it hardly matters how eloquently composed the feat itself makes poignant work of any prose!     

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This book contains some of the most passionate and romantic poems and love letters ever written.  Explore the private longings and passions of the greatest men and women in history, spanning a period of five centuries. . .letters of great Kings and Countesses, War Heroes and Philosophers.  -excerpts from the publisher’s description.  Release date Feb 5, 2012

image via:  Art Et Decoration
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