Negative space…
…for a positive experience.
It’s the simple concept in design of editing. 
Leaving room for living. 
Allowing space for inspiration and expression.
It’s the bare tabletop beckoning me…inviting my ideas.  
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Tuscany Artists’ Homes

Artists' Homes -
Artists’ Houses
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  1. how have we not met until now??? we have so many things in common.. i live in seattle washington… and i love your blog… your taste in books (beta series my favorite!) music…. i have alot of yours and will add some others i have not heard of before! will so enjoy following along… xx pam

  2. Hi, Pam. -Thank you! I'm glad you found me too because now I have found Red Ticking and have visited your little corner of the world. 🙂 Thanks again and all the best to you, LeAnn

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