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What’s in a name?   I’ve appreciated the art of creating a beautiful environment since I was a little girl but it’s really the “spirit of place” aspect—those less tangible energetic qualities of a space or place that have always intrigued me more than anything. 

l&l logo   The title and symbols in the logo arose organically one day, speaking not only to my aesthetic as a designer but also my philosophy and values in this regard. Over the years, additional layers containing much deeper resonance have revealed themselves leading me to wonder at their origin:  

Were they always there waiting for me to see or did I somehow grow them into being?   

 | l i n e n |

Natural linen—I’ve always been drawn to it. On a trip to Nice I purchased several yards of a very old hand-made linen, dark and grainy, very earthy in its appearance. Holding it, I could feel the history within—the sowing of the tiny flax seeds, the earth elements conspiring to bring the plants to life and the stages it went through until the yarns finally reached the hands of those who would skillfully weave it into its current form.  

Although I discovered artwork and other treasures that trip, that humble linen was by far my favorite purchase and I thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent mulling over the options—thinking about this incarnation and then that one it might become. Not unlike one might hold on to a bit of rare truffle they’ve splurged on—stowing it away until the perfect opportunity to incorporate it into just the right recipe. . . enjoying every moment of anticipation until they are finally sitting down to savor every bite with just the right wine and in just the right setting. 

If you’ve ever had the perfect truffle dish paired with the perfect wine (say a great Brunello di Montalcino, perhaps?), I know you are right there with me now. —Ahhh, Roma!  Thanks for the memories!    But I digress.

Suffice it to say, these things can’t be—shouldn’t be—rushed! It’s important to savor every memorable bite and as with most anything worthwhile, the time spent leading up to “the event” is an integral part of the equation—the dreaming, the creating—all that anticipation and tender-loving-care truly gives life to food and to a well-designed living space, as well. To overlook those moments is to miss out entirely on the heart & soul of it all. 

| a v e n d e r |

The lavender aspect of the title speaks to my love of nature and the importance of it in every day living and thus, in good design. The scent of lavender represents to me everything healthy, clean and restful—a bundle of associations and memories all in one little herb:  

It’s a well-kept home and a day at the spa; it’s my favorite B&B and summers in Provence; it’s little brown perfume bottles from a flea market in Grasse and hand-made soaps and bees and honey. . .I could go on, but here’s my favorite:

Slipping into crisp white linen sheets, freshly laundered and laden with the scent of lavender. 

. . .ahhh. Everything seems right with the world betwixt linen & lavender!

And so it was, that l&l—linen & lavender—was born: two elements, used together in the literal “space for dreaming” while also representing any such space or place that nurtures our wellbeing, inspires us, uplifts us—transforms us—whether our own creation or the sacred sites our beautiful planet so generously provides us.
| THE ampersand :  SYMBOLISM within l&l  | 1. the two pillars [ l l ] extending vertically represent connection to heaven above and earth below for the purpose of intentional creation; the [&] flowing between and wrapping the pillars as the essence or spirit of the resulting manifestation expressing on the horizontal (physical) plane. 2. [&] as the inexplicable, “magical” result from two elements i.e. the combining of two elements with a result that is far greater than the sum of its parts. 
These are just a few of the many layers that have surfaced for me over the years, but my favorite of all…
…I realized one day that l&l also stands for light & love.
Was it always under the surface waiting for me to see?—Or did I somehow grow it into being?
Yes. & Yes. 
IN  l i g h t  &  l o v e 

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