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“To enhance your ability to move forward, move twenty-seven objects in your home which have not been moved in the last year.”  —Louis Sagar
Zona Home by Louis Sagar

As I contemplate doing this, I realize that even with the renovation going on, there are still items I place in a specific position and there are still ways that I do things, clean things, arrange things.  I’m going to see if I can identify areas of my life that are currently on auto-pilot…those objects and routines that I could shift -even if just a little bit.

Whether or not you “believe” in Feng Shui, let’s all try a little experiment, shall we?  Move 27 objects -not sure why 27 but then again, why not?   So let’s move exactly 27 items and report back any differences you notice in the next month.

If you decide to try this with me, be sure to report back in a week or so and we’ll compare notes.  In fact, let’s make this really fun…Everyone who participates will be eligible for a copy of Zona Home or Feng Shui Your Life — your choice. 

Here’s the plan:
Move the 27 items this week and I’ll ask everybody to report in on items they’ve moved and any immediate shifts or issues with the change or changes that have arisen.   (e.g. I’ll wager your family will have an opinion about one or more of the changes.)   All comments on October 11th will be eligible for the first drawing. 

Then, we’ll do a follow-up one month after where everyone can share any life shifts they have experienced  thus far.  By the way, I recommend keeping a daily journal if you can…even if it is only a few lines a night.  It will help you tune in to things you may not notice otherwise.

We’ll do a second drawing from the comments made on that post where that winner will also have their choice of receiving Zona Home or Feng Shui Your Life

Sound good?   Great.  You have your mission then.  Now get out there soldier.  

Go forth.  Shift.  Observe.    Move that chi!

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Update:  The significance of the number 27 is addressed in a reader’s review of the book “27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home”. 
click book image for link to the Kindle edition.
“If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home” is an ancient Chinese proverb which tells how to open your home and your life to efficiency, enjoyment and fulfillment.

I’ve read other Feng Shui books and have even tried to incorporate some of the techniques into my home and workspace, but this book spoke to ME more than any of the others. Author Tisha Morris has found a way to successfully combine the ancient art of spatial design known as Feng Shui with a contemporary lifestyle of clutter, excess and the routine of daily life in 2010. The reader is able to do more than just imagine the benefits of open spaces and energy flow, the reader has practical solutions for achieving maximum return.

Morris is a certified life coach, Feng Shui consultant, and energy healer. She explains the necessary actions and desired effects in plain talk and has taken the mystery out of why and how we can accomplish greater tranquility and satisfaction. One explanation that immediately gave me that “aha!” feeling was the significance of the number “27”; “In numerology the number 27 holds the energy of the number nine (2+7=9), which relates to completion. And with every completion awaits a new beginning…”

27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home should definitely be on your To-Be-Read list; as a matter of fact, I would make just one change to the helpful checklist at the back of the book – add Step One: “Read this book.” ~Chelle Cordero, (reader review, 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home via Amazon)

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  1. Hi, Tamra. Thanks for playing along with me. 🙂 I wonder if Mr. Sagar just came up with a random number or if 27 has some significance. Hmm…maybe I'll research it a bit.
    Hope you are well,

  2. Well, that was easy! A quick google and much information came up on the number 27. So much info that I've no doubt read about it previously. …now to find the Feng Shui remedy for memory loss…

  3. Came to your blog just now and love this idea. It is 5am on 11/10/10 but I am off to move the 27 objects right now and will report back in a month.
    There is so much to Feng Shui and yet I wonder why I forget to use it's ideas more.. Thanks for the intro to the book – definitely going to look out for that.

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