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This has been our favorite olive oil for a very long time. Its perfectly balanced taste elevates every meal. Imported from Sicily. 

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This fabulous olive oil is expressed using the old stone wheel or “frantoia” (pictured on label) to crush the olives. In this way it has been done for centuries. This method produces a “country style” olive oil that is murky and cloudy with the natural sediments. It has a very robust, fruity flavor with a peppery finish.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Frantoia” is produced from the olive trees planted in the western central hills of Sicily. Three varieties of olives: Nocellara, Ogliarola and Biancolilla are used for this oil. Hand picked from the trees, they are sent daily to the olive press where they are carefully crushed by traditional granite grinders. A cold centrifuge system is used for extraction, guaranteeing maximum hygiene. Tradition and advanced technology are joined together in the production of this elegant full bodied gold green olive oil, with a rich aroma, delicate fruity flavor and slight aftertaste of sweet almonds. In order to appreciate it at its best, use it raw on fish, fresh cheese, salads, vegetables and bread.

Four succeeding generations of the Barbera family have stood at the helm of this Sicilian firm, guiding it to the present time. The production of their extra virgin olive oil is a labor of love and passion. Abiding by traditional values yet moving with a spirit of innovation, they obtain products of absolute integrity and superlative quality. They have won a number of awards in the past, among these are the two gold medals from the international exhibition in Paris and the Grand Prize from the St. Louis exhibition. The most recent is the Golden Lion award, obtained at the Sol exhibition in Verona for their “Frantoia” defined as the best balanced and harmoniously fruity extra virgin in its category.


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