Recipe: Peach Gelato

White and Yellow Peaches, image by LeAnn, l&l at home,
This is super easy to make and sooo fresh and delicious.  

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It’s just three ingredients peaches, sugar and mascarponeand a few easy steps.  

 Here’s pics of Alex showing you how we did it:
Alex Making Peach Gelato, l&l at home, images and collage by LeAnn for
We used both white and yellow peaches and peeled most but tried leaving the skin on a few since most of the vitamins are found there it not only looked pretty with the flecks throughout, it tasted great too. It is creamy like a fine gelato with the peach bits providing just the right texture.  

Homemade Peach Gelato, l&l at home, image by LeAnn for
As indicated in the recipe, once you freeze it for a length of time it may become quite hard but you can just pulse it a couple of times in your food processor to return it to its original creamy consistency.
Homemade Peach Gelato, l&l at home, image by LeAnn for
Peach Gelato 

The recipe is by the Sicilian chef, Ciccio Sultano from the book “How to Pick a Peach” by Russ Parsons.  The book (not just about peaches) contains 100 recipes and tips on selecting, storing and cooking fruits and vegetables.  

We hope you try it and love it too.  (We’re so happy.)

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