1. Ahhh three days salivating over your photos of Riviera Maison products have been an inspiration unlike any other. How can those of us in USA gain access to these exquisite products? So many things I'd like to order via internet, alas I don't see a way, do you?

  2. Charlotta,
    I know. I hadn't thought of using a tiered tray like that in the bedroom, but it makes sense, doesn't it?! Storing vertically to maximize the space and perfume bottles, etc. would be nice displayed that way. ~LeAnn

  3. Hi, Flo! I will have to find out for you. I'll email them and see about shipping to the U.S. I was lucky enough to have my daughter shop for me in Italy and bring a few things back…but I'm curious to know about buying from here, too—I'll let you know! 🙂 ~LeAnn

  4. Thank you LeAnn, thank you so much! And Charlotta, I see you're based in Australia, so you may have access to the same Riviera Maison tiered tray shown in the photo, lucky you! FWIW and for those of us based in the States, PBarn is showing 3-tiered stands in galvanized metal, wood, and porcelain.

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