Seek and you shall find.

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Did you ever notice that every answer to your life can be found by asking and then observing what signs appear?  Don’t take my word for it. Test this out for yourself. 

The next time you need an answer to a question such as, “Why is this not working out for me?” Sit and be still and just ask for the answer. It may not come to you at that moment in meditation, but this is where the fun begins…It’s like a treasure hunt and it’s your job to see what signs you can find as evidence of your answer.

“Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find…” –  You can contemplate any life question and have the answer shown to you…acted out –played out– right in front of you.

Now I can hear you skeptics out there. I know what you are saying:    “Well, if you want to see anything, you will.  If you want to watch a fly repeatedly trying to go through a closed window (see this previous post “Window of Opportunity”)  and decide to call it a sign… It’s only a sign for you because you decided to see it that way. “

And to that, I reply with a resounding: “Exactly! —That is the point exactly!”

We are the key. We carry our “guru” within us. There is a part of us that always knew the answer, always had it at the ready. We (human beings) have a connection to the Divine, to Source –  and when I ask the question and look for the answer, I am shifting my observation towards what I need.  It will come to me in the way that is most relevant and holds the most meaning for me in order for me to see it…to receive it.

This is not specific to any religion, nor based on belief in any one teaching…it is a universal quality we share. We carry the light, the divine within us; —We just need observation practice. The good news is, the more we practice tuning in to those resources, the more those helpful markers will show up to steer our course.

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So this is your quest:

Go within and then look without…see where the path is lit and the signs are beckoning you.

—Bon Voyage!

"Seek and you shall find." - post by LeAnn,

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