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Faux Bois Chair, 19th Century, Ile de France
(complete with moss and lichen)

19th Century Oak Buffet
33″h x 90.5″w x 28.5″d
19th Century France Sconces
44″h x 18″w x 10.5″d
Mid 19th Century Comptoire Table
29.5″h x 119″w x 38.75″d

French metal sconce with mirror inside back 
22.5″ h x 14″w x 8″d 

Zinc Top Pedestal Table
29.5″h x 60.75 dia
 19th Century Marseilles France  91.75h x 75w x 17.5d 

Fountaine Orange, 4 spouts, hand-carved limestone
78.25″h x 119″w x 119″d

Pair of Rare Oval Rococo Planters
32.5″h x 56″w x 27.5″d

Buck Cast Iron Bell
9″h x 5″w x 7″d

Luberon Limestone Table
29.5″h x 79.25″w x 42″d

Old Copper Well Bucket 
14″h x 11.5″w x 9.25″d

18th Century, Loire Region
Hand Carved French Limestone
50″h x 20″w x 20″d

Cobblestones, 18th-19th Century France
4″h x 6″w x 6″d
Aged Oak Planters
(many planter options-French, Italian and English designs)

19th Century, French Marble Top Table, Wrought Iron Base
31.75″h x 55.25″w x 28″d

Cow Hide Trunk, imported from France
Brass hardware, leather accents
20″h x 54.5″w x 16″d

Faux Bois Settee (part of a set, see image below) 19th Century Ile de France
I’ve never been a big faux bois fan until I saw these pieces aged perfectly and complete with moss.Love!

France, Pair Iron Wall Sconces, (electrified)
15.25″h x 16″w x 8″d


Faux Bois Salon, 19th Century Ile de France
(see chair and settee images above)

French Terracotta Rams Head
15″h x 15″w x 8″d
(this guy’s on my wish list)

Many more wonderful items awaiting your discovery!
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