Source Sharing – I Vassalletti, Maestri Artigiani in Toscana

Go to the website for many more beautiful examples of their amazing workmanship:
Firenze, Italia
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by Wim Pauwels
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  1. Bonsoir. Great minds…Maison Cote Sud Dec. '03 (the lantern)…are you a magazine hoarder as well?! Great paint source…thank you. Do you have a good source for those terrific French mattresses? I need to track down a good seamstress (or just be less lazy!). Merci. Beautiful as ever. Trish

  2. Hi, Trish. Yes. -A good seamstress is a wonderful person to know. -Lots of fun to be had designing when you have someone on hand who can bring your ideas to life!
    I have had custom tufted cushions and mattresses made before, but have never ordered any ready-made -(so I don't know anything about the quality of the following)…but I saw that Ballard Design ( offered tufted bench cushions. I also remember seeing a few on Comptoir de Famille (
    There was another on-line linen source that I'm thinking might have them, but the name is escaping me at present and I'm not sure where/if I saved it. If I run on to it, I'll be sure to pass it along! ~LeAnn

  3. Hi LeAnn,

    I love the Beta Plus books and have Living With Wood. I also have a thing for floors, so this post, and the web site you linked to, is inspiring. Thank you! As you have great taste in music, any chance you know the artist in the loop on the Vassalletti web site?


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